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Breakthrough on aerodrome noise

January 20, 2021 12:46 AM

Laurence Brass at Elstree AerodromeBushey Lib Dems secure new measures to quieten Elstree aircraft

While some residents enjoy the spectacle of the light aircraft flying out of Elstree Aerodrome, other residents have for years been disturmbed by the noise caused by planes overflying North Bushey.

New measures are being introduced following a summit at the aerodrome, where Bushey Lib Dem campaigner Laurence Brass presented manager Mike Murphy with a dossier of noise complaints he'd received from members of the community. Brass outlined the damage to Bushey residents' quality of life caused by noisy, low-flying aircraft, which is often exacerbated by pilots using non-permitted routes.

In the breakthrough agreement between management and local campaigners, silencer equipment and new flightpaths will be introduced at Elstree Aerodrome to reduce excessive aircraft noise.

All planes used for pilot training - 80 per cent of Elstree's traffic - will be fitted with silencing equipment, which will be checked every fifty hours' flying time.

Also, aircraft heading south after take-off will no longer be allowed to turn over North Bushey - and instead will now be required to first fly north to Bricket Wood before turning south.

And as another measure, the aerodrome is fitting planes with a new tracking system which will enable the control tower to precisely monitor their routes on a state-of-art display screen. This will help prohibit pilots from deviating off their agreed flight circuits by overflying North Bushey and disturbing residents.

This should all help make the noise more manageable without hindering the operations of the airfield.

Laurence Brass said:

"Bushey's Lib Dem councillors and I have been determined to curb noise from Elstree Aerodrome, so I'm delighted that Mike Murphy and his team have finally begun listening to residents' complaints and taking action.

"The really good news is that Elstree will now ensure all training craft have silencing equipment - which is not a statutory requirement for private owners - as this is something residents have long called for.

"I'm also encouraged that the aerodrome is seemingly getting tougher on pilots who break the rules. They recently banned one owner for flying off circuit and with excessive noise.

"It's too soon to say that the problem has been completely solved. But because of my meeting with Elstree management, and the sheer weight of local complaints, they've taken important steps in the right direction. However, I will continue to monitor the situation and where appropriate put pressure on the aerodrome top brass".